The Beethoven Transcriptions

by julian Broadhurst MSEP

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One Dose not improve on Beethoven, Nor should one try, nor did I try. so what are these then ? Well, exercises, pure and simply, to learn about the studio - the Drum Studio, as was. In those heady early days, everything was up in the air and nothing really fallen back to earth yet. I had effectively locked myself in a studio to just record, record, record, using everything I had to hand and everything the studio could give me I by 2007, about a year into my intense study I had Identified 4 strands to my work, the 'Drum music, Dm'; the Metal Percussion music'. growing alongside that; 'Electronic music, Em' and 'Phase music Phm'. ,Not yet in their familiar order, that is another story . However something was still to come, something was in the air. I was recording what I had started with, Drums, then metal which had been with me for ever but I had never split the two. Then studio electronics, led me inevitably to a notional 'pure electronics' and then tape looping / phasing, time consuming in a very basic studio, but pioneering to one quite new to it. I had stopped drawing almost as soon as I had been able to get a studio together in the autumn of 06. In 07 I still expected to draw again but I needed music so much more. I had wanted to compose since school, since moving to music college - since being obsessed with Modern Classical music all these years - could I do that ? I was searching for sounds that excited my imagination. My old friend and Great Hero somehow got drafted in to a whirlwind of experimentation never intended to see the light of day. Analysing what I had done to the great man however was very revealing, and a passage in it would lead to 'Antis - Rh 133'. This was a new kind of music, an electro Acoustic music, a Classical music - or sketches toward that, that I called - Music for Strings, Electronics and Percussion, MSEP. Music as a summation of my work so far.

When I came to organise my music into 'Album Volumes' by section or Tranche, I put the collections I had into a section order, their then being 2 MSEP Albums. I decided then that at some stage I intended the Transcriptions to be part of my MSEP music - as a 'Paraphrase' in music has plenty of precedent. It was then MSEP 3, putting 'Countout' - my first work with Cello, and beginning with 'Antis', as my first MSEP Album, which strictly it is - but these, if they were anything, precede that - an 'MSEP 0' I couldn't have, so they had to become MSEP 1.


released July 27, 2014

Tireless hours in my original Drum Studio MSEP.



all rights reserved


julian Broadhurst MSEP Derby, UK

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